Article: Who is the uniformist?

Article: Who is the uniformist?

Uniformist is an employee who is responsible for keeping uniforms and special clothes in order, repairing, dry cleaning, cleaning, ironing, marking each piece of clothing.

Uniform has recently become an integral part of the professional. Previously, in overalls, you could see only doctors and cooks, and now even the uniform of the company manager is worn. Expansion of the range of costumes for professionals, the indicator of a large number of orders atelier, which are engaged in tailoring. And the requirements of the supervisory bodies are toughened. So, what do the owners of the establishments have to do in order to pass the checks and control. In accordance with the sanitary and epidemiological rules and regulations, the owners are obliged to issue special clothing, special footwear and other means of protection for free. The employee is not allowed to work in dirty, not repaired clothes. The employer must be responsible for dry cleaning, repair of uniforms and storage. For the issuance of clothing must be provided a special room, the uniform must have a mark of belonging to this or that employee. With a washbasin, a soap and a regularly replaceable towel for workers are required.

In large institutions it is desirable to have a special person in the staff of a "Uniformist" who will monitor the cleanliness and order of uniforms. On the availability of such a person in hotels do not have to argue. Why can a uniformist save money to owners:

      1) The uniform will look the same for everyone, if the employees take care of their clothes themselves, the washing takes place in different conditions, in different detergents and naturally not a single amount of washings.
      2) Accessories (buttons, for example, after a certain period of time sewn different).
      3) It's no secret that clothing disappears with the dismissed employee, while it should remain in the institution to wear off and is ironed by the same person in charge. This responsible is uniformitarian.

Labor protection of workers is especially important for bakery, macaroni, confectioneries. Compulsory headwear. Headwear is available in a special store in a huge range, giving employees the opportunity to show their individuality without violating the rules. But the main condition, the hair should not fall out from under the protective cap or kerchief. Shawls on an elastic band, hats from a grid, caps, berets, capsules, disposable headdresses. The color of uniforms of employees working mainly with flour is preferred white. But recently, color finishes are popular, not necessarily of shedding cloth. Fastener - preferably velcro, elastic or lock. Buttons or hooks can come off and get into the product. Phones in pockets, when working at a public catering establishment, are not allowed. Pockets are desirable to fix on velcro. Of the jewelry for the hair is not allowed gum, metal hairpins, hairpins.

Fashion trends in restaurant uniform.

Fashion, fashion affects all areas of our lives from it, and it does not go away in overalls. The restaurant uniform, for example, is very conservative, but fashion trends are also emerging here. Waistcoats for waiters, are offered without a backrest, with various color variants of embroidery and pattern. In the row of fashionable aprons, first of all the preference is given to fabrics: leather, linen, rubberized fabric, bright, colored inserts. Large prints, proverbs, sayings on clothes. Rivets, hoods, leather belts carabiners, denim stitching. Waiters, as a rule, are fashionable people wishing to earn extra money, who want to look stylish at work.

Fitting in aprons with lace details and rivets, than an unusual apron, the more fashionable. Fantasy should not be limited. Clothing bartenders also has new items. A squeak of leather, repeating the outline of the animal's skins, the sleeves of the barman's shirt are pulled over with leather straps, dressed and on the shirt in the form of a holster for weapons. Shirts vary in color solutions, embroidery, prints, paintings with a view of cocktails, fashion drinks, etc.

The uniform of the waiter should have pockets, shoes comfortable, suitable in size without nodding, so as not to bother knocking and not interfere with customers

Bright makeup, loose hair, untidy nails, dirty uniform is the direct way to lose the image of the whole restaurant or coffee. Despite the fashionable jewelry of the girls, they should be removed.

The waiter's apron is a classic long one, so it must necessarily have a cut. Blouses or shirts made of cotton fabrics.

The waitresses of the girl prefer trousers, if they do not go against the theme of the institution. Each waiter must have a badge with his name it is desirable to have and logo on clothes, quality of clothes, well-sewn uniform is a huge plus